Various Kind of Coffee Beans Revealed

Have you ever think how coffee has been cultivated? Having a good coffee is being cultivated by talented farmers and is extracted in coffee beans. There are lots of farm that planted coffee beans. And even the meer cat are able to produce coffee beans.

Coffee beans is one of the famous when it come to coffee lover. The aroma though it was not yet brewed feels relaxing. Many companies nowadays tend to invest in culturing coffee beans since it became known it different kinds.

For many people, drinking coffee will help them boost their energy and will lighthen up their day. There people that coffee is already part of their routine. Before, you use to know that coffee was made from coffee beans. And you we’re right about that concept.

Since then, we are thinking that it was just the coffee. But as the days go by, the coffee that we use to drinks comes up with different types of coffee beans. That is why, when you tend to drink coffee there are coffee that is quite strong and there are coffee that is sweet.

There are two main types of coffee bean. The Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is a type of coffee beans that is known to be sweet, chocolatty and nutty. Arabica has less caffeine with the range of 0.8% to 1.4% caffeine only. Arabica grows up to 14 to 20 feet. It grows via self-pollinating. If you are not that coffee lover, Arabica is the coffee that is good for you.

While the Robusta beans has stronger taste, sharper and the caffeine is strong in content with the range of 1.7% to 4.0% caffeine. Robusta is commonly used in instant coffee. Robusta grows up to 32 feet. Growing the Robusta is via cross pollination.

In Brazil, it is said to be one of the best area to grow Arabica coffee because of the weather and soil that is said to be gems. Last 2017, Brazil’s revenue in coffee is said to be $20.46 billion dollars. On the other hand, Vietnam is known in growing Robusta coffee beans.

Coffee keeps on growing and it is nice to know that there are different types of coffee and other countries use to grow their economy while growing coffee beans.