Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

Drink Coffee Every DayCAFE – Any customarily grown adult has already drunk at least once a cup of coffee. It is consumed everywhere, and to believe the number of Starbucks shops in the United States, (in 2012, there were 10,924! ) It is clear that we love our caffeine.

And that’s good. In fact, there are many benefits to being part of the majority of the population to drink coffee every day. Coffee is great for the brain, skin, and body. Here are 11 reasons why you should wake up every morning with a pleasant smell of coffee…

Coffee is the first source of antioxidants.

According to a 2005 study, “no food reaches the ankle” of coffee regarding antioxidants. Of course, fruits and vegetables are also extremely rich in the matter, but it seems that the human body absorbs many more antioxidants from coffee.

Just feeling coffee can have a de-stressing effect.

Researchers at the Seoul National University examined the brains of stressed rats (caused by lack of sleep) and found that in the mind of people exposed to coffee flavorings, stress-related proteins reacted. For information, this aroma study is not related to stress itself, but to stress caused by a lack of sleep. So we cannot recommend for sure keeping a bag of roasted coffee beans on your bedside table, but nothing prevents you from trying!

The coffee would reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The coffee is excellent for the liver According to an article in Science Daily, published in 2012, drinking coffee would help people with Parkinson’s disease control their movements? Ronald Postuma, the author of the study, said: “Studies have already shown that caffeine users are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, but this is one of the first studies to conclude that caffeine can be a cure for people already suffering from the disease. “

The coffee is excellent for the liver (mainly if you drink alcohol).

A study published in 2006 covering 125,000 people over 22 years showed that people are drinking at least one cup of coffee a day reduced by 20% their chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver – an autoimmune disease due to consuming excessive alcohol having as symptoms hepatocellular insufficiency (malfunction of the liver) and cancer. Arthur L Klatsky, who led the study, told the Guardian: “Coffee consumption seems to have protective effects against alcoholic cirrhosis, and the more a person drinks coffee, the less likely he or she is to be hospitalized. To die of alcoholic cirrhosis. “

Research has also shown that coffee can also help guard against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). A team of researchers at the Singapore-based Duke-NUS School of Medicine has revealed that drinking at least four cups of coffee or tea a day can help guard against NASH outbreaks.

Coffee can make you happier.

A study by the US National Institute of Health found that people drinking at least four cups of coffee had about 10% less chance of being depressed than non-consumers. And apparently, it would not be thanks to the “caffeine effect” – Coca-Cola can also produce this effect, but it still affects depression. The author of the study, Honglei Chen, told that the impact of coffee on morale is likely to be related to antioxidants.